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Payne Furnace

payne furnace

Getting the right furnace today goes well beyond the price and how powerful the heating will be. Today’s market consists of efficiency ratings that serve as a great indicator of how well the unit will perform and just how well the unit will benefit the homeowner. Getting a gas furnace with an efficiency rating of 96% is a homeowner’s dream these days, and getting a Payne furnace is a great way to meet that dream with reality. With high functionality still with the great amount of efficiency, Payne offers the supreme choice for homeowners that want the best heating for less of the costs.

Types of Furnaces Offered

There is dependability offered with a Payne furnace that cannot be found with other furnaces. The Payne brand offers condensing and gas furnaces to ensure there is an offer of top efficiency, from high efficiency models in the condensing furnace units to various models with as much as 80% efficiency ratings in the gas furnace units. The condensing furnaces are offered in three main models with different efficiency ratings for each including:

  • PG9YAB with 95% AFUE
  • PG9MXA with 92% AFUE
  • PG9M with 90% AFUE

Numerous gas furnaces also offered with different models available in different areas, including the PG8JEA and PG8J offered in California and the PG8MEA and PG8M offered to locations throughout the U.S. offering 80% AFUE.

Features of Payne Furnaces

There are differing features of a Payne furnace, depending on the unit chosen, as well as the type chosen. The condensing and gas furnaces offer premier savings to homeowners, with tax credits and long-term savings guaranteed. Choosing a Payne furnace is a great choice for complete heating throughout the home with an even element and a high functionality offered for each unit. For maximum cost savings, the condensing unit should be chosen for the best opportunity and the highest efficiency available on the market today.

Price Range of Payne Furnaces

Price ranges for a Payne furnace can vary greatly with the different models offered. The higher efficiency models will be a bit higher, reaching as much as $2,200 or more, depending on the source from which the unit is purchased. There are lower priced models as low as $680 or less depending on the source as well, which offer 80% efficiency, ensuring great savings through the use of the model and a high life potential. With warranties ensuring the life of the unit, there are many great years of high efficiency gas or condensing furnaces, ensuring long term savings through complete home heating.

Homeowners can get a great benefit and many years of use from a Payne furnace in either the gas or condensing types. With models offered for any price range or budget, there is a great deal to gain through purchasing such a high performing and high efficiency furnace. There are many local and government incentives, including tax credits offered for selecting a Payne furnace with high efficiency, providing a benefit for all homeowners just for improving the heating within their home.

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