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amana furnaceShopping for a new furnace can be a challenge for some that aren’t sure just what is needed within their home or what they could do to cut their heating costs. Today’s economy is driven by energy efficiency, bringing down energy costs greatly and ensuring that the natural resources available are able to be sustained for years. Not only are the resources sustained for years, but any budget can be spared great costs in heating and any home can be heated efficiently and effectively for many years with the use of an Amana furnace, featuring energy efficiency ratings of as much as 96%, which means great savings in the costs to operate the unit over time. Getting an Amana furnace will not only save money, but will provide completely controlled and even heating throughout the entire home.

Types of Furnaces Offered

There are various models of Amana furnace offered, with different features and efficiency ratings for each. The different models can be appropriate for different home sizes, needs, efficiency, and more, enabling any consumer of any type to get just the furnace needed from Amana. Amana offers several gas furnaces with up to 96% efficiency on models such as the AMV9. There are many other models offering different efficiency ratings, as well as those that are available under the standard efficiency, offering great savings up front for the unit. The price of a unit should definitely incorporate the overall savings through efficient use, which is why Amana is such a top performing brand, even offering premium efficiency for the standard efficiency models. Searching for the right Amana furnace will reveal several models to choose from including:

  • AMVC95
  • ACVC9
  • GMH95
  • GMVC8

Features of Amana Furnaces

Depending on the unit chosen, an Amana furnace can have several different features. There are many features available with the high-efficiency furnace models including:

  • Dual-Diameter tubular heat exchanger
  • Long life silicon nitride igniter system
  • Variable speed circular motor
  • Auto-comfort mode

There are also several features offered with the less expensive standard efficiency units including:

  • Million Air stainless steel dual-diameter heat exchanger
  • SureStart silicon nitride igniter
  • Auto-comfort mode
  • Electronic control board
  • Self-diagnostics

No matter which Amana furnace is chosen, the proposed savings are great and the functionality will be great as well.

Price Range of Amana Furnaces

The price for an Amana furnace will depend on the model chosen and the source purchased from as well. Ranging from the hundreds to the thousands, there are many models to choose from that can offer a cost that is beneficial for any budget. There can be models chosen that are used and offer a great discount, and many dealers that will also offer great discounts and savings. Getting the unit installed properly is also another cost to consider when choosing an Amana furnace and the overall costs can range from $600 to as much as $2,500 and more.

Getting the right Amana furnace involves understanding the benefits of the unit and just how well it can perform within the home. Understanding the long term costs and savings of the unit is important when choosing the most appropriate furnace, with many great advantages through Amana.

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